The Importance of Driving Visibility This Time of Year

Weather conditions such as fog, mist, and rain can make their way to the San Diego, CA area this time of year. Let's not forget that it has gotten darker way earlier, with daylight savings ending in November. In these several months, your visibility as a driver becomes even more critical than ever. Not only do you need to see where you are going, but you want other California drivers to see you too. Let's go over why some automotive maintenance items are needed this time of year to improve your visibility!

Heater and Front Defroster

Your defroster is part of your vehicle's HVAC system, and it comes in handy this time of year. If your glass surfaces aren't clearing up your windows properly, it is worth getting the system inspected by a professional repair technician. There may be something problematic with your heater/air conditioner, vents, the cabin air filter, or something else.

Headlights, Tail Lights, and Fog Lights

Next, you will need plenty of lights to keep your surroundings brightly lit when it's dark out. Your headlights and fog lights will also work together to help you see through the fog or rain, regardless of what time of day it is. Your vehicle lights must be kept clear and bright (not yellowed or oxidized). Otherwise, they will need to be restored using specialized chemicals and cleaning agents.

Windshield Wipers

Another item that you will need to function during inclement weather is your windshield wipers. They are necessary when it comes to both your visibility and safety. At the start of the winter, it's important to check your windshield wiper blades and fluid. The replacement for these is easy, cheap, and not time-consuming!


We want to help you enhance your comfortability and visibility as a driver with these simple maintenance and repair tips. If you need any auto services, please know that you can trust the auto repair experts at Dragonfly Automotive. Just give us a call or visit soon; we got you covered!