Tips and Tricks to Help You Save Money on Gas for the Holidays!

It seems like gas prices are always going up, and it's not helping the hole in our wallets with all of these holiday expenses coming up. And you're probably going to fill up more often during this time of year, as a lot of us are going to travel to see friends and family. To get a better bang for your buck, here are some tips and tricks to improve your fuel economy.


Tips on How to Get Improve Your Fuel Economy

  • Use Loyalty Rewards Program. Many major gas stations have a free rewards program that you can join to save a few extra cents on gas. It might not seem a lot, but your savings will definitely add up over time.
  • Get Rid of Dead Weight.  Unless you operate a U-Haul, you shouldn't be dragging around heavy items in your car. 
  • Avoid Abrupt Speeding and Braking. Try to remain at a constant speed to get the most out of your gas. And when you slow down to a stop, make sure it's a gradual process.
  • Limit AC/Heat when possible. 
  • Avoid Idling for Long Periods. Even in cold winter, you shouldn't let your car engine warm-up for more than 30 seconds. Furthermore, don't let your car sit and idle for too long. If you need to idle for more than a minute, you're better off turning off your engine.
  • Regular Grade May Be Enough. Don't spend any more money on gas unless you need to. Please make sure you're following the fuel grade recommended by your car manufacturer.
  • Tire Maintenance. All services regarding your tires (tire rotations, tire pressure, tire tread, etc.) have a huge impact on your fuel consumption.

We hope these tricks help you save some coin on your fuel during the holidays this year! If you need any auto maintenance or repairs to ensure you get the optimal gas mileage, please take your car to Dragonfly Automotive.