Ways to Freshen up Your Car for Spring

During winter, cars often take a beat down with culprits including; snow, salt, sand, dirt, and gravel. As spring approaches, it's paramount to get your automobile ready for the warmer weather. Here are vehicle maintenance tips to prep your vehicle for spring.

Cleaning the Vehicle's Interior

A high-pressure hose can clean the rubber floor mats, and a vacuum cleaner can refresh the cloth mats underneath the rubber mats. Also, clean the underside of the cloth mat where corrosion and rust-causing gravel, dirt, debris, and salt accumulate during winter.

It's also crucial to wash under the seats where dirt and food might find their way. And if your vehicle has fabric upholstery, cleaning the car seats with hot water and a warm wet cloth eliminates dirt that easily sticks.

Washing and Waxing the Car's Exterior

After cleaning the interior, it's time to focus on the exterior. Wash the entire outer surface to clean off all the winter dirt before waxing. The wax seals the paint and gives your car a new shiny look and waterproof characteristic.

However, DIY isn't advisable. It's best to take your vehicle to car washing experts for packages that include a wax spray or coating option.

Cleaning the Headlights and Taillights

While multiple car owners pay little attention to the headlights and taillights, the components are crucial for visibility and safety during driving. They often accumulate debris in the cold season, ending foggy and filthy when spring approaches.

A warm, damp cloth can wipe the headlights and taillights clean. That helps optimize lighting and visibility.

Focusing on the Underside

Dirt, salt, and debris may accumulate underneath the vehicle and under the hood. That's why it's imperative to clean the car's underside and inside the wheel drums using a high-pressure hose to dislodge the foreign materials.

While you can remove the debris under the hood by hand or wipe it off using a wet cloth, why not contact car washing experts? That alleviates the possibility of rust formation, which may damage your vehicle's structure.

Checking the Car's Fluids

It involves ensuring that the engine oil is at the right level or changing it if the time has come. Other fluids you to check are the brake, gearbox, and windshield wiper fluids.

This maintenance tip also encompasses checking for any oil leaks. That's not only costly to your pockets, but it could damage the vehicle's engine.

Removing the Winter Tires

Another vital vehicle maintenance tip as you approach spring is to remove the winter tires and switch to all-terrain tires. It's dangerous to drive on winter tires during the warm season as they may not grip the snow-free and dry road surface.

Besides, the tread on winter tires wears off quickly. That means the tires could damage and become unusable next winter.

To Wrap It Up

Vehicle maintenance is a job best left to the experts. That's because you may do more harm than good if you do it yourself. If you need to service your vehicle, we invite you to Dragonfly Automotive today for top-notch services.