What Are the Signs of Failing Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs may look tiny, but they are a powerful piece in preserving your vehicle. They continually transmit electrical signals to the ignition coil to get your car from point a to point b. Spark plugs provide the "spark" that ultimately powers your engine. We highly suggest that you regularly inspect your spark plugs to ensure you're getting optimal performance from your machine. Here are some symptoms that indicate your current spark plugs are declining:


Stalling or Misfiring Engine

Old spark plugs have a more difficult time trying to create the spark to your motor. When the wire connection to your spark plugs is loose or damaged, the engine will feel stuttery. If your car stalls when trying to turn it on, it is likely that the problem can be traced back to your spark plugs.


Reduced Fuel Economy

If you notice that you have to stop for gas more often than usual, you should see if your spark plugs need replacement. Failing spark plugs will result in an overconsumption of fuel sine there is an inaccurate air-fuel mixture. An old spark plug can decrease your fuel efficiency by as much as 30 percent.


Sluggish Acceleration

Every driver is familiar with their vehicle's response time and handling. An unusual feeling, particularly when you press on the gas pedal to accelerate, could result from a spark plug issue.


Illuminated Check Engine Light

Faulty spark plugs will trigger your check engine light to come on or even blink. This light is usually related to engine misfires. However, a check engine light could also be prompted by other things. Only a licensed technician with the right tools can accurately trace the problem related to your check engine light. 


Running your car with worn-out or damaged spark plugs can lead to critical engine damage, so don't put off a much-needed inspection. Give us a call or come by Dragonfly Automotive today!