What Is the Point of An Emissions Test?

According to San Diego, CA laws, you may be required to have an emission test performed on your vehicle periodically. This typically happens every two years, depending on the type of car you drive and the vehicle's age. Newer automobiles, diesel-powered vehicles, electric/hybrid vehicles, motorcycles, and trailers are exempt. 


Why Is Emissions Testing Important?

Standard gas-powered vehicles have engines that emit fumes and gasses that can harm you and the environment. An emissions test makes sure that the cars in San Diego have proper working exhaust systems so that our vehicle's emissions are not as intense.

During an emissions test, a technician will quantify the number of gasses that your car releases. And we'll closely inspect your exhaust parts. Below are some reasons why your vehicle may fail the test:

  • The O2 sensor is broken
  • You have a clogged or failing catalytic converter
  • The fuel/air mixture is unevenly distributed
  • You have clogged fuel injectors
  • Your spark plugs are faulty
  • Your gas cap is loose and/or broken
  • Your air filter is dirty
  • You've missed multiple oil changes

These are some of the most prevalent reasons why someone's vehicle may fail the smog test. If your car doesn't pass an emissions test, it will need repairs in order for it to pass the second time around. Otherwise, your car will not be legally registered to drive. Driving without proper registration is illegal and can lead to a ticket, so taking that risk is not worth it. 


If your car, truck, or SUV is due for an emissions test, please bring your vehicle to Dragonfly Automotive today!