Oil Change in San Diego, CA

Most drivers don’t realize that skipping your vehicle’s regular oil change can actually have lasting effects on your engine and overall vehicle performance. This is because poorly lubricated moving parts emit a lot of heat due to metal-to-metal contact. The scenario leads to rapid wear and tear of engine parts, which can result in needing engine repairs down the road.

Rust and corrosion can also occur over time if parts aren’t properly lubricated. That's why you should never miss your vehicle’s critical oil change milestone. Here in San Diego, CA, the ASE certified technicians at Dragonfly Automotive are ready and eager to help you in keeping current with your oil change schedules. We help remind you of when your upcoming oil change services are due and use only the best quality fluids and replacement filters to keep your engine running at its absolute best.

If you’re driving your vehicle on dark or dirty engine oil, you’ll notice a dip in your car’s performance and you may even deal with engine overheating or poor fuel economy. As soon as your vehicle is due for its next oil change, bring your car to the professionals here at Dragonfly Automotive and you won’t be disappointed. We offer competitive pricing on our services, and our staff members are friendly and helpful. The safety of your car is of the utmost importance, and you can trust that our specialists will always handle your ride with care.

Dragonfly Automotive is proud to be a locally-owned and operated family business that truly cares about their customers. We treat you like family and aim to make your visit as stress-free and convenient as possible. While you wait for your vehicle to be ready, feel free to relax in our clean lobby area and enjoy free refreshments and Wi-Fi. We also offer a fast turnaround on services to get you in and out in a timely manner!

When you need an oil change in San Diego, CA, bring your car to Dragonfly Automotive for friendly service. Schedule your visit online or give us a call today!