Smog Check in San Diego, CA

Here in California, our government has put into place certain testing requirements for our vehicles to minimize emissions, which helps to preserve our environment. It is required for vehicle owners to have a smog inspection performed every other year in order to renew registration. When you find that you are due for a smog check in San Diego, CA, the experts here at Dragonfly Automotive are here to help.

At Dragonfly Automotive, we're a smog check station available to assist with your initial testing and any repairs that you may need if your vehicle isn’t passing inspection. We proudly work on all makes and models here at our shop, so don’t hesitate to bring your car into our San Diego smog check facility as soon as you get your smog requirement notice.

A smog test will consist of testing your car’s emissions system to ensure that it meets the emissions standards for California. You’ll receive a renewal notice in the mail that will inform you if you are due for a smog check on your car before you are able to complete your registration renewal. Bring your smog check form into our shop when you visit us for a smog check so that we can process your results electronically.

California smog checks are currently required for all vehicles except for:

  • Diesel-powered vehicles 1997 and older
  • Gross Vehicle Weight of more than 14,000 lbs
  • Electric, natural gas-powered cars over 14,000 lbs
  • Motorcycles or trailers
  • Gasoline-powered vehicles 1975 and older

If for any reason your vehicle doesn’t pass its smog test, our ASE certified technicians will determine what repairs are necessary to get your car to pass. We take care of that work right here at our shop, and can then schedule another smog test for you after those repairs are complete. We also have a waiting room with complimentary refreshments and free Wi-Fi to keep you busy while you wait for your vehicle.

If you need a smog check in San Diego, CA, look no further than the professionals here at Dragonfly Automotive. Call us with any questions or schedule a visit with us online today!